At C.E. Holt, we aim to always see things from the customer’s perspective. Therefore, we understand that 24/7 emergency service is imperative, and we’ve created a designated service team for each and every neighborhood we serve. Every team has the resources they need to ensure a speedy response and each customer has a senior consultant dedicated to them.

24/7 is more than just a number, it’s a promise.

24/7 Preparation

We stay stocked with high quality parts and have technicians on hand 24/7 to ensure the customer does not have an extended wait for the services they are entitled to.

Remote Monitoring

Our wireless thermal sensors allow you to monitor the temperature of your equipment from a wide variety of compatible devices.

Mobile Portal

Our technological advancements allow you to access your account information at any time from your mobile phone. You can view your equipment, submit service requests and view statuses, and access your invoice history.

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